Intro to Studio Art

This course is intended to be a first experience in the visual arts. It prepares students for AP Studio Art by introducing the fundamentals of


This course offers an opportunity to investigate the formal elements of both digital and film photography, while exploring the potential for creative expression and visual

3-D Design

With an examination of basic concepts of design, this course will offer a creative exploration of sculptural practices, such as furniture design, industrial design, weaving,


How is today’s music put together? What path does music take from the time it leaves the creator until it arrives in your ear .

Health Seminar I-Spring

In this introductory health class students will engage in discussions that will expand their understanding of what it means to be healthy. We will embrace

Health Seminar II

This course examines topics related to human sexuality, alcohol and other drugs, stress management and general adolescent development. Through classroom presentations and discussions, students will

AP Calculus BC – Spr term

This course follows the Advanced Placement BC syllabus, which incorporates an introduction to the derivative and the integral with their applications and work in infinite


Justice. Equality. Dignity. Freedom. Responsibility. In Ethics, students explore these and other key ethical concepts. In this class, we will practice skillful use of clear,